Programming services

We offer software development of various complexity and types. Most of our solutions are being developed using .NET technologies. In our portfolio, we also have solutions implemented using Java, C++, or Microsoft Azure Cloud services.

“Mediafon Technology” provides software solutions development and maintenance services. We have built trust by providing solutions corresponding to the client’s needs in various sectors. We have experience working with companies in telecommunications (Central Equipment Identification Register, Number portability, Gateway, and Self-service solutions), media (Interactive content management platforms), manufacturing (CRM), and other business areas.

Our team offers full software development (Full Stack), which includes external (Front End) and internal (Back End) programming and further maintenance of the product developed for the client.

We have an international trust, not only in the private sector but also in the public one as well. The systems we have developed reliably process more than half a billion records every day worldwide, so we can guarantee the quality and stability of programming services.

Programming services

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