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SOC aaS paslauga (Saugumo Operacijų Centras)

SOC as a Service (SOCaaS)

Jei esate maža ar vidutinio dydžio įmonė – mūsų SOC aaS paslauga (Saugumo Operacijų Centro) yra sukurta Jums.

SOC IT saugumo paslaugos

IT security services

We believe that the issue of IT systems security should be one of the priority activities in each company. We offer security package services: SOC, XDR, and remote backup to meet this need.


CISO services

“Mediafon Technology“ provides GDPR and IT security consulting and prepares internal documentation according to the client’s needs. Our professionals are capable to audit IT systems and policies. Moreover, we offer CISO and DPO competencies as purchasable services.

Programming services

Programming services

We offer software development of various complexity and types. Most of our solutions are being developed using .NET technologies. In our portfolio, we also have solutions implemented using Java, C++, or Microsoft Azure Cloud services.

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